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M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych)

Illness - yours or someone else's

A serious illness, yours or someone else's, will often throw a spotlight onto the expectations we might have of others, particularly those people with whom we are in personal relationships. If we find ourselves in the role of caregiver, particularly if this is over a long period of time, bad feelings can arise. We may find ourselves feeling guilty, resentful, angry or disappointed about the situation. The feelings of caregivers are often overlooked, while the needs of the patient may be met, over and over again, every day, leaving the caregiver feeling neglected, exhausted and totally unappreciated. Such feelings are normal, but can result in the caregiver developing their own series of problems such as anxiety and depression. It is not unusual for the caregiver to become ill but, because of the demands of their patient, they must struggle on, ignoring their own difficulties.

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