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M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych) (Member C.P.P.A)

M.Glenys Forrester
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I was born in the United Kingdom but educated and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and Relational Psychotherapy in Canada and the Unites States. I have many years of counselling experience, beginning in the field of human resources and later working for a sexual abuse/assault organisation for a long period of time. I have been in private practice for many years.

After several years in France, I have recently returned to Canada and I am located in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

I am particularly interested in assisting those who are facing the challenges of serious and possibly terminal illness and/or those of you who are caring for loved ones facing a major illness. Diseases such as cardiovascular disease (heart and stroke), cancer, Alzheimer's disease and weight-related illness such as diabetes are becoming more and more common and the stress created by such diagnoses brings anxiety, depression, relationship problems and fear of loss in both patients and their families.

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