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M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych) (Member C.P.P.A)


Phobias come in all shapes and sizes and can be very distressing for the sufferer. They are almost always anxiety-related and, when presenting in an extreme form, may need medication and/or therapy. Frightening symptoms occur that are common to most anxiety-related disorders. Intense fear, palpitations, increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, shaking, nausea, feeling faint, etc. Patients describe feeling powerless and exhausted because of the perceived need to be prepared for danger.

In an attempt to reduce the feelings of threat, people will avoid leaving home (agoraphobia), avoid others (social phobia) or display other obsessive-compulsive symptoms, which are behaviors designed to reduce the feelings of fear being experienced by the sufferer. Obsessions and compulsions create restraints on the patient which limit their freedom and affect their relationships, leading them into isolation, depression and avoidant behaviors.

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